Tuesday, 31 January 2012


   What is that you want?  Is what you want really what "you" want? Some yogis say that we are born with the energy required to fulfill our personal desires.  These are the experiences that we incarnated to experience.  It has been said that most of us waste our energy on trying to fulfill borrowed desires rather than fulfill our own.  These borrowed desires come from society, our friends and neighbors, our family.  Most of what we believe about ourselves comes from comparing ourselves to others that we are relating to.  We are taught this early on, beginning in childhood.  We learn value from comparison and competition, forgetting the quality of one's own being.  So we learn that if I get this or achieve that, then I will be of value or I will finally be happy.  The mind stores all these desires until they arise to be experienced.  Are you having the experience  that you wanted?  Of course.  But is this experience of benefit to you?

Our being continues to allow different experiences with no care whether it is of benefit to you or not.  It gives you all kinds of signals, in the form of feelings and emotions, pressures, or disease.  We can use awareness to determine whether or not this experience we are having (again!) is of benefit.  When awareness is allowed to flood the experience, the desire for it dissolves. The drive to act upon it is gone!

The desires that we came here to experience will unfold for us, as the universe works to make it happen.  Often when someone has an awakening experience they realise that most of what they wanted in their life doesn't really matter.  They suddenly see the enormous amount of energy spent on trying to achieve  borrowed desires.  This can be troubling to the mind and oneself as the expectations are remembered, by others as well!   Something interesting happens to one's desires.  Awareness floods in.  The desires arising become natural or they become harmonious.  When the desires are beyond oneself, filled with compassion for otheres, the world and nature, enormous amounts of energy are available.  Infinite amounts!

There is still a need for awareness to be brought in, because the motivating factors could be driven by unhealthy comparison or the need to be of value. The borrowed desires still exist in the mind and there is pressure to return to those patterns. Western culture is not currently active in supporting a being to awaken, as the culture is focused on one life and the material world.

The desire for harmony is natural, because the world outside is not separate from the world inside.  It is you. Bring awareness to your mind and watch the desires rise and fall like waves.  When you act, enjoy the experience of the action.  When you choose not to act, enjoy that too!  Awareness is not thinking, don't confuse yourself by thinking and connecting ideas.  That is certainly away to create suffering.  Just watch your mind and what it is doing, feeling and acting.  Enjoy it.

Desire to experience yourself, your lover, your family, the world. Desire to awaken to who you are.  The universe will assist you, after all it is in you.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


   Change is a constant truth.  There is continual motion of everything in between our solar system in space and an electron within a water molecule in our body.  Nothing is permanent other than the infinite cosmos expressing itself.  There is a changing cycle happening within cycles within other cycles.  This truth repeating over and over is what the Buddhist's call impermanence. All energy is in transition.
    The transitory nature of life is seen in our emotions, our thoughts, how our bodies grow from birth to death.  This truth is constantly being shown to us by nature.    Seasons, tides, bird songs, weather, species rising and falling, civilizations etc... It is natural.  It is the music of the universe (uni=one,verse=song).  And when we fall out of harmony with the music around us, it is usually because we have tried to hang on to a thought or emotion or pattern.  The music falls apart when it doesn’t change. 
   For myself, this perspective helps to open my heart and listen to the music and hopefully dance to it.  Wonderful love is experienced by the heart when it surrenders to the transitory nature of reality.  It seems ridiculous to hang on to a note for too long. We could never hear the whole melody.  There are layers and layers of melody being intertwined.  An open heart, recognizing the impermanence of it all, can experience this life with deep love.  And it radiates from you when you do!  Even a light bulb or candle couldn’t share it’s light without the constant change happening.  The light would never illuminate anything without the continual motion.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I have noticed ( by being god smacked) that these times seem to require a willingness to surrender to what the universe is asking of you.  There is so much happening within us.  I found I needed to humbly surrender to sticking to my practice and trusting the universe.  There have been many challenges with a deeper love guiding me through.  There were places I didn't want to go or look at it.  I discovered the need to dive deeper into my ignorance, my aversions, to get to the being of love that exists in all of us.  The remembering that when the challenge comes, every moment is perfect.  I found myself in a time of witnessing and feeling changes in me and others.  "What am I to do with this?" was the constant question.  My answer comes in surrendering to what is.

Your mind will create all reasons not to surrender to what is. Follow your heart. Surrender to it. There is no reason,  we only think there is.  The reasons are dissolved by realizing there is only the infinite, only love.  True intelligence is not intellect, it is infinitely creative.  That awareness comes through your heart.  Act from there.

 There is a guiding light of compassion within all of us, allow it to shine into your challenges, your shadows.  The answers are simple, there is nothing wrong, your soul knows what it is doing.  Awake to the love that you are. I have gratitude for the loving support coming through all who offer it, knowingly or unknowingly.  May it be returned.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

What I Do

Bradley Krause
Spiritual Healer
Private healing sessions done in  a sacred space.

I have private sessions available as follows:  

1/2 hour at $40
1  hour at 80$
Full sessions at $120  includes a cd of the feedback if required. About 1.5 -2 hrs avg.
Couples sessions at 120$ for reconnection and understanding.

Prices are suggested offerings, I wont refuse based on ability to pay.

I often run workshops for sharing in these understandings and helping each other see in a holistic way.
I am  available for home and property clearings and ceremonies.

When I am in a situation of healing for others, I allow pure source energy to flow letting the cosmic intelligence direct it. I have been seeking out and learning a variety of healing modalities and will call on whatever the person presents and requires in a healing session. Such as:
Energy drains (often caused by energy attachments to others, sometimes in unhealthy relationships)
Entity removal ( a negative form or being from benign to aggressive in the energy field that is affecting consciousness)
Karma of past lives ( through identification, healing, action and prayer, you can transcend some of these issues in this lifetime)
Energy imbalances (a process of balancing the energy that runs through your chakra system, auric fields, shushumna, ida & pingala  )
Soul infusion (when ready, a person can receive more of their soul’s quality into their waking personality
Shamanic Journeying (for information and healing, totems)
Meditations( for shifting states of awareness or healing)
  I have come to believe that many struggles come from a lack of understanding of who we are as spiritual beings. We have accepted an under-estimated view of who we are.  I feel that I am here to assist people in understanding that they have spiritual abilities. Spiritual abilities can be a weakness or beautiful strength if comprehended and managed.  I provide direction on cultivating a balanced state of being, and how to move forward utilizing this state of empowerment.  My understanding comes from studying different cultural  perspectives of spirituality (ie.Shamanic, Buddhist, Vedic, Christian, Taoist, Spiritualist and scientific).
 I am available for Private Healing Sessions, Meditations and Space Clearing.  I offer workshops and meditations to assist in building community for mutual support in our awakening and healing of the world. The sharing of tools and knowledge to use for peace of mind and stewardship is close to my heart.  Cultivating right relationship with ourselves, each other and the planet is necessary for our childrens’ future.
In a full private session, I intuitively reflect and feedback to the person impressions and information that are related to the energetics of their situation. There are spiritual practices that are shared to assist in being the clearest conduit of healing for yourself and others.  This part of the consultation is recorded on a CD.   This takes an average of 1.5-2hrs. In a smaller version (30 min) the energy work is done, but there is less discussion.

What is truth?

From November 3, 2009

So what is going on in the world? There are so many stories. 

 The other day I sent out a video link.  The purpose of that was to show there are many different perspectives as to what is going on in the world.  I believe there are as many perspectives as there are people.  Some of the response I have received covers both ends of the spectrum from spreading fear and conspiracy and untruths to validation of their own beliefs. 

 On Halloween night I was listening to the news on CBC during Randy Bachman’s Halloween special.  There was news about a shortage of vaccine in Quebec and they were prioritizing who could receive the vaccine. Alarmingly they announced that 167 people had been hospitalized for H1N1. 125 of those in the last four days.  The thought occurred to me, “ wonder when the flu clinics started?”  The next night at a flower reading I heard that an infant nephew of one of the people attending received the vaccine and was in the hospital days later.  “Did he have the flu before he got the shot or was it the flu?” Confusion. Fear.  The Patriot Act after 911 exempts Big Pharma from any liability in case of vaccination gone wrong. WHO  benefits? 

Be the change you wish to see in the world! The immortal words of Ghandi.
I believe he understood very well the Law of Attraction.  So does the oligarch. 
Our scientists tell us we are all vibrating beings. The world around you is a holographic projection. Our mystics tell us it is all illusion like a movie being played on the screen.  We know that every atom contains 99.9999% space. What is real? What is truth?

Quantum physics tells us that when we observe the electron it exists in one spot and then another. We do not observe it moving from one place to another. It exists in an infinite field of possibilities and we observe it most often based on the statistical expectation of the geometry of that element.  These moments it doesn’t seem to exist are when it is passing through the zero point or God spot or Tao.  It appears continuous to our senses.  This is like the frames of film moving past the projector.  There is a gap between frames.

In these moments of non-existence or the gap is when what we hold in our consciousness is exchanged with the collective consciousness.  We radiate into the collective our Truth.  The collective gives us back that what we hold as true for us through  the Law of Attraction.   Then we exist and this is projected like a film or hologram to our physical reality.  This how we create the world or paradigm of consensual reality.  The power of prayer exists in every moment by what we hold as true for us.  So, be the change...  if we hold fear, worry, aggression, struggle, the need to fight for a change we only attract those same qualities back to us. 

The power that exists in the individual consciousness is beyond comprehension with the intellect or rational mind.  That is like trying to understand GOD. Impossible.  When we think of power we often think of those in control. Real power is the ability to create. Anyone can destroy.  Look at the idea of royalty and dominion. Many teachers have come to this planet and talked of the dominion of man or the kingdom we have been granted.  Christ said” Ye are gods, these things and greater you shall also do”  Nithyananda says,” I am not here to convince you that I am God; I am here to convince you that you are”.  

You are the ruler of your universe whether you like it or not.  What type of ruler are you?
What is it that you will choose to project into the world? Will you do what is right for your kingdom? Or will you hand your power over to your advisers. To your EGO. To those archetypes within you that have a strong voice. To the special interest groups with powerful lobbies.  The King or Queen was given the right to rule because of their connection to divinity.  The subjects trusted that the ruler would do what is right for the kingdom no matter what.  

Your ego has no understanding of divinity. It is the idea of separation.  It is the archetypes within. Those advisors to the throne who represent the special interest groups. If we gratify the ego it only becomes stronger.  Look at the macrocosmic example.  Is there a need to change the way humans operate in the world?  Be the change.

Your divinity is your soul expressing itself through this form.  It is part of cosmic intelligence.  This intelligence knows how to heal a cut, create a baby or put the earth exactly the right distance from the sun.  It is you. Trust the signals it gives you. Your intuition is your higher nature instructing you.  You can not define your intuitive understanding about what is right and wrong for you with your intellect.  That’s impossible.  That is trying to understand why GOD wants you to do something.  

You access your divinity in the moment, in the gap. Not with the intellect.  “Trust with your Heart what your mind cannot understand.” That is faith in action one of my teachers would say.  

Take your power back!  Quit letting those special interest groups decide for your kingdom.  Rise above your Ego. Take the throne.  The Mayans represent this by images of cutting off the head.  A master shaman would say “drop your story, take up a don’t know mind.”  Others say “slay the ego” or  “drop the mind”  

Pay no attention to the thoughts that come immediately after your intuition comes. This, the ruckus in Parliament when someone addresses the truth. They sleep otherwise. Decide with the intuition, and you will automatically have the energy required to make the decision come about. It is Divine. It is you. Choose to be UNAVAILABLE to the special interest groups within you and outside of you.

Radiate your divinity back into the collective and the world begins to change. When you meditate you find peace, you find intelligence, you find love and bliss. This is our true nature. Decide what is true for you. It is your kingdom. Rule it with YOUR truth not some other truth. 

Any truth you have is limitation.  The truth is a brick in your wall.  A  part of the box. Free yourself from the prison of your mind.  Get out of the Box.  There are no limitations to spirit or consciousness.  Less limitations, more options available to respond in any situation.  More Power.  You are a divine being having a human experience.

The other day I was walking across a crosswalk and decided to drop my mind. I AM. No thoughts. I immediately felt bliss rising in me, tingling ecstasy, healing energy.  A teenager a couple of cars back leaned his head out of the back window and yelled at me,” You dropped something!” I glanced back and began laughing.  The only thing I dropped was my mind. I laughed and laughed, bliss exploding in me.  The universe has a great sense of humour!  

We can choose our truth, our divinity. That seat on the throne.  What is the nature of truth? Nature is Divine.  I am reminded of the immortal words of Uncle Remus from Tales of the Ol’ South.  Go on Sing It Out Loud!

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my what a wonderful day!
Plenty of sunshine heading my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Mister Bluebird on my shoulder
It's the truth, it's actch'll
Ev'rything is satisfactch'll
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!